Spark Racing Technology tests improved braking systems at Magny-Cours


Spark Racing Technology tested the Spark-Renault SRT_01E’s braking systems during a three-day session at Magny-Cours last week (March 25-27) with the aim to improve the package on offer to teams entering next year’s FIA Formula E Championship. 

Spark’s engineers and mechanics entrusted French WTCC racer Grégoire Demoustier with their fully electric single-seater to conduct a series of runs on the Nievre circuit’s Club track. SRT was assisted by its partners Williams Advanced Engineering to oversee battery management, British-based company Alcon that specialise in racing brakes and clutches, and F1 brake supplier Carbone Industrie, all of whom offered valuable input and expertise on the products they are jointly developing with Spark.

Technical Director Théophile Gouzin: “Halfway through the season we received some feedback from the Formula E teams asking for a more consistent braking system. Carbon discs are temperature-sensitive so drivers can struggle with the brakes at times, depending on track and weather conditions. We therefore tested several different systems and new parts, attempting to manage disc temperature and improve the overall package. Eventually we found a solution and look forward to seeing teams use it at races.”

Panis enjoys maiden Spark-Renault SRT_01E run

Ex-Formula One driver and 1996 Monaco Grand Prix winner Olivier Panis also got his first taste of the Spark-Renault SRT_01E at Magny-Cours last weekend. The Frenchman was especially impressed with the car’s overall handling and level of performance, and his outing in the fully electric single-seater will feature on Dimanche Méca, a TV series he presents on Eurosport.

Olivier Panis: “This was my first run behind the wheel of an electric single-seater. I must admit I was a bit sceptical, but was pleasantly surprised by it! You can really feel the potential of the car, which genuinely feels like a racing machine thanks to its high-performance carbon brakes and proper gearbox. The engine has a pretty good linear motor, and the sound isn’t actually that unsettling! Looks like both the car and the FIA Formula E Championship have promising futures.”

Spark - Magny-Cours Tests