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Ultimate Electric Mobility

Currently there is only one way to charge batteries on the current market, Electric Loading is the only manufacturer to offer a universal, innovative and global charging method.
Electric Loading, a young startup started in 2015, has developed a range of innovative charging systems which already exceed the current needs of a rapidly growing global market :
• Ultra-rapid
• Inexpensive
• Easily adaptable to all kinds of infrastructures

Backed by a robust team of engineers passionate about their work, Electric Loading has now got together with major manufacturers to offer a full range of innovative high-tech products, ready to be rolled out in support of the energy transition across the world.


• 1st Smart Adaptive Charger 350 kW offering a possibility of charging time of 10 minutes
• Intelligent algorithm of charge and consumption allowing an improvement of the life of the batteries and the consumption
• GPS services and real-time booking via the free dedicated application
• Power Box system for modular and scalable design
• Multinorm recharge socket

For more information, take a look at their website.