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Once upon a time, there was…Formula E ! Spark is born with the foundation of this pioneering racing Championship and its founders and promoters. From there on, Spark has grown up into other categories like concept cars for car manufacturers and Extreme E to name only a few. But Formula E has given Spark its essence and its unique competitive edge in a very challenging racing industry. And Formula E stays Spark’s mission number 1 to stay true to its roots and to its partners.

Ultimate Electric Mobility

Formula E

Formula E, Gen1

Starting with a blank sheet of paper was a stimulating task. There wasn’t any known boundary. Spark enjoyed a lot of leeway. Our engineers created something entirely unique whilst remaining within a coherent and ambitious set of technical specs. There was a framework drafted together with FIA and high expectations from all partners and teams. And a very tight time schedule ! The ultimate goal was to create the first ever fully electric racing single-seater.

Formula E, Gen2

Spark Racing Technology also developed the all-new chassis for the second Generation (Gen2). One of the biggest challenges was to double the driving range of the car. It was mostly accomplished through a much-refined aero design, lower weight and a better efficiency in the drivetrain. Safety and innovation were the main drivers of this project.

Formula E, Gen3

FIA has renewed its trust in Spark Racing Technology by granting the development and engineering of the all new Generation 3 Formula due to start in 2022. This is an incredible achievement for our teams, a true sense of responsibility in view of the technological challenges. And also it is a huge motivation to pull forward our innovation. All Spark’s employees and partners are enthused by the project and we will all give our utmost best to beat FIA’s expectations. Stay tuned…

Extreme E

Performance of all-electric SUVs

Extreme E is a brand-new concept of racing. The aim is to bring electric racing to some of the most remote corners of the planet to highlight the climate change challenges faced by different ecosystems, whilst showcasing the performance of all-electric SUVs in extreme conditions.

Spark Racing Technology creates and constructs the common package with strict specification parts, before handing over the homologated framework to each team – allowing competitors to test and develop their own powertrain and bodywork.

The newspaper “L’Équipe” that was published on February 26th 2019, dedicated a double page to Extreme E, presenting the championship and its stakes.


Technical partner of FUELL.

Spark Racing Technology is a shareholder and technical partner of FUELL.

The founding idea of FUELL is to offer a complete and unique selection of innovative, electric and attractive 2-wheelers to cover all the needs for urban “macro-mobility” ; city journeys that require a personal vehicle to cover distances greater than 3 miles.

FUELL wants to put freedom and emotion back into urban travel by offering riders something different, innovative, upgradeable and attractive.

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