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A unique blend of technical skills, wide experience and young talents built into One Team led by excellence and entrepreneurship at the service of its clients. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians bring projects together through agile engineering, intimate working relationships and seamless technical integration.

Ultimate Electric Mobility

Emilien Boichon

His challenge mainly consists in making a buildable car out of technical specifications and design elements. He primarly focuses on bodywork. Emilien’s motivations to join Spark were essentially to play an active role in the fundamental changes of the car racing industry towards electric mobility. He was also attracted by the reasonable size and the team mindset of the company.

Christophe Bouqueniaux

Christophe spent most of his career in the UK as chief mechanic in Formula 1. He worked with the most respected F1 teams such as Red Bull. Christophe then decided to return to France and joined Spark at the beginning of 2019. He works in stock management and mechanical engineering. He is the wise and mature advisor of a young team with a forward-thinking mindset.

Vincent Bourgin

Vincent joined Spark right after graduating as an engineer specialised into logistics. Vincent primarily works with PAM on sales, logistics and on the management of the stock of spare parts. Vincent started at Spark as intern and was determined to contribute to electric mobility and car racing activities.

Théophile Gouzin

After graduating as engineer from ESTACA, Théophile joined ART Grand Prix firstly as a track engineer in Formula 3 and then as head of the F3 programme. He then joined OAK Racing in WEC before starting the Spark project as Technical Director. He directly worked on the Formula E Gen1 from a blank sheet of paper and then got supported by the team which he greatly contributed to recruit and train.

Théo’s role today is wide and global, not only as Technical Director but also as co-founder of Spark. He is broadly recognised as one of the technical leaders of electric car racing and has highly contributed to set the technical and cultural foundations of Spark.
He continues to lead the team and inspires the new generation joining Spark today.

Pierre-Alain Michot

Pierre-Alain Michot (PAM) left his job as track engineer at ART Grand Prix and joined Spark at the very beginning of the journey. He is now in charge of production, sales, customer relationships and logistics. He is now part of an ambitious team and loves to be involved into innovative projects.

Maxime Norguet

After graduating as engineer at ISAT, Maxime joined OAK Racing and then Cosworth in Great Britain. He was then recruited by Spark in 2016 to be in charge of electronics. Trusted and respected, Maxime can fully focus on the highly technical and challenging developments of electronics into car electric mobility.

Mélanie Pequet

As soon as she joined ISAT engineering school, Melanie's project was to enter the world of motorsport. She became a data and design engineer in this field and joined Spark in 2016. Her job is to digitally design the mechanical parts of the vehicles we produce.
One of Melanie’s main motivations was to participate in projects from A to Z, from design to real life.

Romain Peretmere

Romain has been working with Spark Racing Technology for several years and has worked on Formula E Gen1 and Gen2. He is Spark’s CFD aerodynamic engineer. His second “hobby” is computer IT and he therefore helps Spark in hardware and software decisions and implementation.

Pierre Prunin

After working with ART Grand Prix and Lotus, Pierre joined Spark at the very beginning of the journey. He was an early believer of the future success of Formula E. Pierre is an all-rounded engineer with focus on mechanics but not only. His thorough experience and passion for sports car makes Pierre a cornerstone of Spark’s team.

Maxime Sciara

Maxime’s job is to evaluate and approve, via algorithms, the mechanical parts created by the team. Passionate about motorsport and curious about new electric technologies, his goal was to work at Spark right after he graduated.

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